December 13, 2012

Towards making every city a healthy city / WHO

Running with a Cheetah cub - Little Big Cat / BBC Earth

Polar / tve

Earth from Space: Yellow River, Sea and sand / ESA

Cheetahs on the Edge / @NatGeo

10 Most Extreme Places On Earth / All Time 10s

Black Marble: Unprecedented New Views of Earth at Night from Space / SpaceRip

Forestry: It's More Than Logging / The ABCFP


A Russian volcano began erupting late on Tuesday, the Interfax news agency reported.

Plosky Tolbachik, in Russia's Far Eastern Kamchatka Peninsula, erupted Tuesday evening for the first time since 1976, spewing a column of ash seven kilometers into the atmosphere.

The volcanic ash cloud drifted toward northwest while the lava flowing down the volcano's southern slope.

The ash fell in the villages of Maiskoye and Krasny Yar, forming a ash layer of about four centimeters.

An orange alert has been issued due to the eruption, which though did not pose hazard to the populated area.

The 3,085-meter-high volcano is situated in the southwestern sector of the Klyuchevsky group of volcanoes in Kamchatka's east, 343 kilometers away from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

A significant increase in seismic activity and more than 130 volcanic earthquakes have been registered at Plosky Tolbachik volcano.

Its latest eruption was recorded in 1975-1976.

What Scientists Are Seeing Over Antarctica / SpaceRip

December 8, 2012

South South / UNEP

Ensuring a Healthy Future and Balance for Our Ocean / PEW

Our Incredible Great Lakes / Nature Conservancy

Iceland: Geothermal Energy / UN

10 Worst Cities To Live In / All Time 10s

Financing Climate Change Action / OECD

Alaska - Uncharted Waters / Devin Graham

December 7, 2012

10 Crazy Facts About The Animal Kingdom / All Time 10s

Green Tech Future: Environmental Atlas of Europe / EEA

River of Lava - South Pacific / BBC

In this must-see clip, a River of Lava originating from the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea snakes it's way over land before meeting the sea and exploding below the waves in a dramatic battle of the elements.

Climate Reality in Antarctica / ClimateReality


Cameroon elephant slaughter / WWF

International Year of Forests / FAO

The Climate Reality Pledge / ClimateReality

By uniting our voices, we have the power to change the world.

Hurricane Sandy - The Truth / ClimateReality

Soot free for the climate / ClientEarth

Disappearing frogs / Green tv

Disease, pollution, and loss of habitat are killing off hundreds of species of amphibians. One of the biggest threats is an aquatic fungus which biologist Vance Vredenburg studies and helps scientists who are dealing with this crisis globally.

Sustainable cities: interview with Holger Dalkmann, CEO Embarq/WRI / GREEN TV

How does urban planning influence our transportation patterns? 
Episode five of 'Sustainable Cities' series at

EXTREME WEATHER WARNING: hurricane Sandy to HIT U.S! /

Epic New Hawaiian Volcano Activity / SpaceRip

Operation Iceberg / BBC

Protect Nature / tve

Travel Guide: Stockholm, Sweden / WatchMojo

The Forests of China / The Nature Conservancy

Travel Guide: Norway's Top Attractions / WatchMojo

Knut Remembered

We remember "Knut", as we look back on this endearing moment 
when he was first learning to walk on all fours.

Following his death 19 March 2011, we look back at the life of the world's most popular polar bear.

European Green Capital Award Winners / EU GreenCapital

2010 Stockholm

2011 Hamburg

video of Nantes2013 Nantes

2014  Copenhagen

European Green Capital Award / EU GreenCapital

The European Green Capital Award was conceived to promote and reward the efforts made by local European authorities to improve the environment. With 80% of the European population living in an urban environment, it is natural that cities play a key role in making the environment greener and improving the quality of life of its citizens. This video gives a brief introduction to the background, vision and aim of the award.

See why Hamburg is the 2011 European Green Capital 
This video takes you on a tour to the six green cities nominated as finalists for the European Green Capital Award of 2012 and 2013: Barcelona, Malmö, Nantes, Nuremberg, Reykjavik and Vitoria-Gasteiz
Vitoria-Gasteiz has been declared winner of the European Green Capital Award 2012.
This is a brief video of Frankfurt - one of the three finalists 
for the title of European Green Capital 2014.
This is a brief video of Copenhagen - one of the three finalists 
for the title of European Green Capital 2014.
This is a brief video of Bristol- one of the three finalists 
for the title of European Green Capital 2014.

Stockholm - the first European Green Capital

Children of Africa / Devin Graham

Green Cities Fit for Life / EU GreenCapital

10 Lesser Known Natural Wonders / All Time 10s

Ice Castles / Devin Graham

Kualoa Adventure - Oahu Hawaii / Devin Graham

10 World Biggest Holes Created By Human and Nature / All Time 10s

10 Places To Visit Before They Disappear / All Time 10s

From natural wonders to entire cities, these 10 amazing places 
could all disappear in the near future.

Rise Above Plastics - Plastics Kill / Surfrider Foundation

There's some scary creatures in the ocean... none more scary than plastic.

Stop Bankrupting Our Oceans / WWF

December 6, 2012

Ocean Symphony / Devin Graham

The New Vision for Agriculture / The World Economic Forum

Feeding the world sustainably, as the global population grows, is one of the world's major challenges. The World Economic Forum's New Vision for Agriculture initiative works in innovative ways to mobilize solutions to this challenge.

Paving the way to safer products / OECD

Knut & Friends / AmazingBehr


Europes Last Wild Horses / Oasis HD

Beautiful and untamed, these animals are our last window into how horses live in the wild, their traits selected by nature rather than human breeding.

Washington - Enchantments / Devin Graham

10 Incredibly Strong Insects / All Time 10s

10 Mind Blowing Facts About The Internet

How much does the internet weigh? 
Find out here, along with 9 other amazing facts about the internet.


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