January 26, 2013

One Day in Yosemite / @YosemiteNPS

On Tuesday, June 26th, 2012, thirty filmmakers spread throughout Yosemite National Park to create this portrait of the park and the people who visit and work there.

10 Civilizations You've Never Heard Of / @alltime10s

Lost languages and mysterious disappearances are just some of the interesting things about these 10 lesser known civilizations.

10 Epic Expeditions That Changed History / @alltime10s

Some were feats of endurance, others changed the world forever. but all 10 of these expeditions were epic in nature.

What's Happening in our Forest? / @ACESaspen

An animated short by Aspen Center for Environmental Studies exploring how forests affect, and are affected by, the forces around them.

Wood Reduces the Environmental Impact of Buildings / @reThinkWood

When evaluating building materials, it is important to consider their environmental impact across their life cycle. This video highlights how wood products have less embodied energy, are responsible for lower air and water pollution, and have a lighter carbon footprint than other commonly used building materials. Visit reThink Wood's website to learn how wood delivers more and has a lower cost to the environment.

10 Strange Ways To Save The Environment / @alltime10s

With the rainforests disappearing and global warming melting the ice caps, people will try anything to save our Earth. Find out 10 strange ways to save the environment.

January 25, 2013

Spruce Wants to Live Too

The importance of the high seas / @WWF

WWF's Global Marine Programme is working to increase international attention for the conservation of vast expanses of ocean, and immediately protect the high seas. Around 64% of the oceans - an area covering half the planet - lie beyond the national jurisdiction of any country. Known as the high seas, these international waters are open-access common areas for everyone.

Cause an Uproar / @NatGeo

Big cats are quickly disappearing. Now is the time to act.

Leopard vs. the World / @NatGeo

You've got to strike a delicate balance when you're a leopard lugging prey two times your own weight up a tree.

How Sinkholes like Guatemala happen / @OasisHD

The gigantic sinkhole at Guatemala shocked the world. How are sinkholes formed? Watch the mystery unfold behind one of the largest sinkholes in Guiana Highlands.

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