December 8, 2013

ESA Euronews: When weather becomes climate / @esa

We constantly track our weather as it fluctuates day-to-day, but determining patterns over time can help us differentiate exactly when 'weather' becomes 'climate'.

Climate change may be visibly changing our world, but it cannot be charged with every meteorological peculiarity given the inherent chaos of the atmosphere. The only way to make sense of these changes is by looking for trends, and these days we have a perfect vantage point from space.

The world of weather watching is ruled by an armada of satellites, and Eumetsat in Germany owns and runs Europe's fleet of high-precision machines.
These hugely powerful devices are capable of mapping both high resolution temperature and humidity measurements, and different images of Earth in near real-time.

Thanks to these technological behemoths, we now know more about our weather than ever before; but understanding climate is a different matter.

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Manuel said...

Hola, Juliana, Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo, de que el "clima" es difícil de predecir, ya que intervienen muchos factores. Y para mi, el cambio climático, es un ciclo de la naturaleza, que se ha dado ya en otras ocasiones, pero lo cierto, (yo que tengo ya mis años) es que veo que cada vez son más extremos, y a mi personalmente me preocupa, aunque no me quite el sueño.
Un abrazo.

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